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Your 365 Recruiting Tool

Organize high school & transfer recruit information

Customize draft boards

Stay on schedule for tournament and games

On-the-go with the FastRecruit mobile app

Search for players based on any criteria

Build Comprehensive Reports

Create detailed, professional scouting reports to give your team the winning edge

Advanced Stats, Line up Stats, Shot Charts & Synergy Video Integration

Automated Data for WNBA, NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, USPORTS, and growing International leagues

Save time building and organizing information with template-driven reporting tools

On-the-go with the FastScout mobile app

Diagram and Draw

Build digitized Play animations to share with players and coaches

Create and categorize Playbooks for easy storage and access

Categorize Plays into series, teams, and seasons

Attach video and see Plays in action

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